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Saturday riding lessons on a reduced basis will recommence from July 18th you will find a full statement on the lessons page. All shows are still cancelled due to Corona virus, we are still buying and selling horses and ponies.

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Meet The Horses & Ponies

Heazle is licenced and inspected annually,by Mid Devon DC. During the inspection each horse and pony is examined by a vet.

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Name: Biscuit
Description: Dun Gelding 14.2hh

Biscuit is owned by the stables(horses  and ponies for sale page), he is suitable for riders with some experience, enjoys working and loves to jump. He is very popular with the our more experienced clients.

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Name: Dolly
Description: Black Mare 15.2hh  

Dolly is a working livery, she is one of only three mares in the school so is a favorite with all the geldings as well as lots of riders, she is very quiet and reliable and loves to jump.

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Name: Joe
Description: Dark bay Gelding     15.2hh

Joe is a working livery, he is big cob, he is a big favorate with adults and children alike, quiet and sensible.

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Name: Bess
Description: Black Mare 13.3hhh

Bess is one of the latest additions to the school,she is owned by the stables(see horses and ponies for sale),she likes to jump and did our last show.

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Name: Sanchez
Description: Bay Gelding     15.2hh

Sanchez is owned by the stables, he has been with us for many years, he has given many adults and youngsters lots of confidence, he is very reliable and enjoys jumping.

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Name: Andy
Description: Blue and White Skewbald Gelding 15.0hh

Andy is owned by the stables (see horses and ponies for sale).

Andy is quickly becoming one of the school favorites,he is honest and willing loves to jump.


Somerset Riding School
Name: Prince
Description: Bay Gelding 14.3hh

Prince is working livery, like Conker is happy to carry riders of all skill levels, is a regular on the own a pony days.

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Name: Conker
Description: Bay Gelding 14.2hh
Conker is a working livery, he is very versatile happy with novices and experienced riders he is a good jumper who loves to do a show jumping class or two on his day off.      
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Name: Flin
Description: Piebald Gelding 14.1hh

Flin is a working livery he is a willing ride who jumps well, although he is foward going he is safe and is enjoyed by riders of all abilities.

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Name: Rosie
Description: Bay Mare 12.2hh

Rosie is owned by the stables (see horses and ponies for sale). She is New Forest x welsh pony. she enjoys her work and jumping, she is a very pretty pony who always carries her ears foward.

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Name: Harry
Description: Bay Gelding 13.00hh

Harry is owned by the stables (see horses and ponies for sale) Harry was bought out of Wales her is ride or drive and is settling in well.

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Name: Clint
Description: Blue and White Skewbald Gelding 15.0hh
Clint is a working livery, he can be ridden by most riders whatever their experience, he is well schooled and very versatile, he enjoys jumping and is very gentle.

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