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Riding School Somerset
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Somerset Riding School
Riding School Somerset
Emily B and Mojo Fuller trophy 10 years and under
Somerset Riding School and Stables
Old Castle Farm pork pairs handicap Rachel v and James M
Somerset Riding School and Stables
Wellington Pet Garden Store, Champion, James M
Caroline Cook (Eclipce Studio) Winner 07/08 Marcus G 08/09 Rachel V
Formula cars newcomer of the year George W


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Rosettes for all occasions

Compete & Eat ltd now produce a full range of Rosettes for all shows and occasions.

Jane would be happy to discuss your requirements 01823 680280.

Click here to go to the Rosettes page riding lessons Somerset

Questions and Answers


Ten & under,  Service master 2'6",  Hold Your Horses  2'9",

All the above score 6 points for a win down to 1 point for 6th, the points are accumulative, the number of scoring rounds will be half the number of shows held, in case of equal point the win countback system will apply. The Fivehead Servise Station is scored 3 points for a win 1 point for third

Balfour Red Baron Memorial Trophy  2'3" / 2'6" / 2'9"

3 points for win 2 for second 1 for third

Highest class score on any show day being your total, if you win two classes on any show day you receive a 2 point bonus, eg winning 2 classes 3points for highest class score plus 2 point bonus  score 5 points.

F J Thorne Pairs Handicap

All shows to score, for each win a 3 second penalty, for 2nd a 2 second penalty, and third a 1 second penalty. will be allocated to both members of the pair, these penalties will be accumulative on an individual basis, at the start of each pairs class your handicap will be calculated, the pair with the highest penalty will run last, your penalty seconds will accumulate throughout the season, however the highest number penalties any competitor will have to carry is 8 seconds, no pair to carry more than 15 second penalt  at the end of the season the winners will be the 2 competitors will the highest number of penalty seconds. you do not have to ride in the same pairing over the season, and the 2 winners may never have been together as a pair.


The Caroline Cook Painting,  Eclipse Studio

1 point will be gained for a win in any class at each show, half the number of shows held will be the number of your scores to count.


Formula Cars Newcomers

Entry conditions as per schedule, at the final show all winners from this season will be eligible to compete in the final class of the season the winner of this class will be the Newcomer of the year.

GMGK Mini championship

Points are scored 3,2,1 for 1st 2nd 3rd only your best score on the day from either class to count, if the same combination win both classes they gain a two point bonus, as above half the number of shows for the season to be scores to count. 

To check Championship scores, go to Shows click Winter Championships

W/C 1     (10 years & under) ( Pairs, Castle Farm Pork). ( Newcomers  Formula Cars.)

W/C 2     (2'3", 2'6", 2'9" Balfour Red Barron Memorial Trophy)

W/C 3     (2'9" Hold your Horses),&( 3'.0" Fivehead Service Station).

W/C 4     (2'6" Service Master Cleaning,)& ( All Classes, Eclipse Studio, Caroline Cook).

In the case of equal points.

1 A count back will operate the winner will be the one with the highest number of top scores and so on.

2 If scores are still equal then discarded points will be the decider

3 In the unlikely  event that points are still equal them the award will be shared or if not possible (eclipse studio) on the toss of a coin.

If you require any clarification on the above please ask Chris at any show.

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