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Saturday riding lessons on a reduced basis will recommence from July 18th you will find a full statement on the lessons page. All shows are still cancelled due to Corona virus, we are still buying and selling horses and ponies.

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Horse Riding Lessons & Tuition
Activity days must be pre booked as numbers are limited

Animal Activity Licence Number: AWL 0017


Saturday lessons update

Yesterday July 18th we started Saturday group lessons again, there were Corona virus precautions in place which by their nature do restrict you prior and after the lesson, however the lessons worked well with minimum disruption, we are happy to continue with the reduced programe we now have in place,

The reduced number of lessons does mean it might be more difficult to make a booking, To allow all clients an oportunity to start riding again we are only taking bookings for one lesson at a time and only for upto a week ahead,

Below is an extract from our Covid 19 guidelines to help you decide if you would like to restart.

By booking in with us you are agreeing to the following terms:
1. If you or a member of your family show any coronavirus symptoms, do not attend your lesson and let us know as soon as possible that you need to cancel.
2. You are confident to mount/dismount on your own and adjust your own girth and stirrups whilst on the horse or with the help of a parent/carer, so social distancing can be adhered to.
3. Beginners at the moment cannot be catered for, (unless you have prior agreement to provide a horse competent family leader) We will provide long line leaders for very novice riders, if at any time, these leaders feel they cannot maintain social distancing due to your inexperience you will be expected to leave the lesson, your money will be refunded.
4. We strongly advise you wear your own hat, gloves and body protector (if you wear one). Do not bring grooming kits or other equipment.

Please contact the stables if you wish to make a booking 01823680280


Resumption of Saturday lessons

Resumption of Riding Lessons on a Saturday.
For the last two weeks we have been giving weekday lessons for mainly adults with some riding experience on an individual or pairs basis, keeping social distancing has not proved a problem and combined with our other precautions we feel confident that we can keep both clients staff and ourselves as safe as it is possible.
From Saturday 18th July we are extending these lesson to Saturdays as well, initially we are going to run a red...uced number of lessons with reduced numbers in the group, sadly we are still not able to permit lessons for beginers due to social distancing being on a close lead. However we feel we can cope with a small group of long lead novices (those that have some riding experience and are starting to trot).
These lessons may require some parental assistance to mount.
Because of the reduced numbers we are planning to take at present (about 25% of normal) we expect these lessons to fill quickly, please ring and book early if you wish to be certain of a slot. to try to be fair to all, you will only be able to book upto two weeks ahead, our booking voucher system at the moment has been suspended although all outstanding vouchers will be honered.
On arrival there is a covid 19 presedure which you will be expected to follow, for the same reason only one person will be allowed to watch the lesson from the viewing gallery.
If this works as expected we will gradually extent the programe

Saturday Group Lessons

Sadly we are still not able to comply with government guidlines and provide lessons for beginers or those that require close contact.

We are considering resuming lesson of upto three people on a Saturday, to qualify you will need to be able to mount with minimum assistance, and ride alone with no close assistance.

As a guide if you were in  9.15 10.15 1.45  2.45 3.45 or 4,45 you will be suitable to book, initially we intend to run four lessons with no more than three in the group, the voucher payment system will be suspended temperally (all outstanding vouchers will be honered)

All hygene precautions set out in posts below will apply,

Please if you are in any doubt about your suitability or wish to book  please ring the stables 01823680280    


Riding lessons......The latest government guidlines allow riding lessons to be recommenced but only on an individual basis, as most of you ride on a group basis we are not certain what demand there will be for this,
We propose to offer individual lessons on all weekdays at the moment. Saturday lessons where most riders require some assistance are still on hold until such time as the 2 metre rule is relaxed.
In order to keep two metres between yourself and the instuctor These lessons will only be available to riders who are capable of mounting and adjusting tack on there own, sadly no lead lessons will be possible.
On arrival please wash your hands in the clearly marked facility.
To book please ring the stables 01823680280 .... Anyone who uses booking vouchers they will be honoured and expiry dates will be extended as required.

DIY liveries .... At the moment we would ask only one person for each horse this is no longer tme limited. We are looking to acheive the least disruption to the enjoyment for you and your horse whilst at the same time keeping the number of people on and visiting the yard to a minimum, this obviously reduces the risk of any of use contracting the virus (especially us oldies) 
With immediate effect no outside instuctor or third party personal are to visit the yard or your horse, excluding farriers and emergency vets. 
I fully expect an update as the situation and rules become clearer.



We have introduced the following precautions for riding lessons, the lesson itself is low risk as you will always be at least six feet from any other person, there is slightly  closer contact with others before and after the lesson. to that end we are proposing a few commonsence actions.

Firstly, if you are an adult where possible come alone, children obviously need to be escourted please keep the numbers where possible down to a minimum preferably one. 

Secondly, we have implemented a system where those in a lesson will have no contact with the previous or next lesson. On arrival please park in the area outside the toilets and gallery this is clearly roped off, please Wash your hands in the disabled toilet on arrival, we are installing a bigger basin, electric hand dryer, as well as the existing paper towels. Please then go to the gallery and pay for the lesson and rebook your next lesson, contactless card payment is a little safer than cash. your horse will be brought to the indoor school for you, for acess use the little end door to reach the indoor arena, after your lesson you will take your horse to the stable yard as normal you can spend time on the yard if you wish when you are ready to leave you will go back to the car park as normal you will have no reason to go to the gallery unless you wish to.

Thirdly, if you are already booked with a voucher and feel you would rather not attend if you let us know we will hold the voucher over and extend the expiry dates if required.

We hope very much you will feel these measures are enough for you to feel happy about continuing to ride, as with lots of small busineses this virus could result in many of us going out of business.  


Fun Days

The day includes a riding lesson practical hands on pony care and handling, mounted games,  the activities will vary depending on numbers, abilities and weather, the Cafe' opens at lunchtime, or you can bring a packed lunch. as a guide the age range for these days are about 6-12 years......The fun day format is suitable any rider even those with little or no riding experience. 

Numbers are limited £35.

10am - 4pm

Fun Days will be suspended until further notice due to Coronavirus

Own a Pony Day

The own a pony days are designed for riders with enough experience to trot unaided in rhythm and balance with  the horse. The Jumping day requires a little extra experience ... These days are to give riders a glimpse of all aspects of looking after a pony as well as riding instruction.

10am - 4pm   Cost £45 

Own a pony days will be suspended until futher notice due to Coronavirus

Instuction on outdoor riding and a woodland escourted hack.combined with other woodland activities.

Part of the  morning will consist of  instuction on riding outside,  the rest of the day will include an escourted ride in the woodland, combined with other games and activities in the wood. Riders need to have control of their horse off the lead in walk and trot.

Numbers will be limited.


10am - 4pm

Cost £45

Dates TBA

Adult (15 yrs +)Summer Camp,

Adults and teenagers (15yrs and over) who are confidant riders in trot and or canter, the riders will be split into ability groups if required. 

The non residentual camp will be held over 2 days from 10am until 4pm each day, it will be a mixture of horse management in hand skills combined with lessons flat and jumping (Optional).

The detailed daily programme will be arranged once we have an idea of numbers and standard.

Numbers will be limited.


Cost £90 for two days, it might be possible if number permit for you not to attend on both days if both dates are not convienient.

Dates TBA.

Riding and Road safety with escourted hack

The morning will consist of riding road safety training the afternoon will be an escourted ride out to practise your new skills. Riders need to be able to control their horse easiiy at the trot.

Dates TBA

10am to 4pm

Cost £45

Numbers will be limited

Jumping day date to be arranged

Jumping day........Riders must be able to walk trot and canter unaided and have done some jumping, the aim of the day will be to introduce you to Show Jumping and improve your skills, numbers will be limited and itenery decided when we know the standard of the riders. This day is open to all who are confident to jump

Numbers will be limited and possible graded if over suscribed.

10am - 4pm 

Cost £50


A course of four Jumping lessons. Dates Saturdays @ 4.45pm

We have no course arranged at present.... these weekly coaching sessions are for a closed group of six riders, at the same time each week, the cost is £100 pre paid. Riders must be stable riding over a fence (60cms) if over subscribed the applicants will be graded and a second course run if required, The course is open to riders with their own horse or clients of Heazle using our horses. The course is not an introduction to jumping, we will run a course over half term and again in the summer hols suitable for those wishing to start jumping.  Please indicate to Chris or a member of staff that you are interested in joining these sesions.

Two day jumping course

We have no course planned at the moment......This course is over two days it is not neccesary to attend both days but priority will be given to those that want to do both days, day one Show Jumping, Day two Cross Country. Riders must be able to jump 60 cms (2 foot) competently.

Cost £40 per day, £75 for both days.


Horses and ponies

Heazle is licenced and thoroughly inspected annuallyeach and every one of our horses and ponies are examined by a vet.

Meet the horses and ponies
 riding lessons Somerset

Horse Riding Lessons Somerset
Horse Riding Lessons Somerset
riding school Somerset
Somesret riding lessons
Wellington horse riding lessons
Horse Riding Lessons Somerset

Show Jumping course of 4 lessons

Next course will be Starting, watch this space

The cost of the course is £100 payable in advance or on the first night, the sessions will start at 6.15pm and have no set finish time.

Riders will be graded for the course and must be able to jump 2ft competently only six riders will be on the course, if we are oversubscribed we will put on another course.


Horse Riding Lessons and Tuition

Heazle Arena / Riding Centre and stables, is situated on the Devon / Somerset border just 3miles south of Wellington

and only 7 miles from Taunton. We offer tuition on an individual or group basis, adults and children by the hour or 45 mins. Riding lessons can be tailored to suit all needs and standards. You can learn to ride in safety and confidence with our friendly, enthusiastic and sensitive team of experienced, local staff. Bookings for riding lessons are taken either directly at reception or by telephone on 01823 680 280.

Our riding staff will select the most suitable mount for the rider’s age, experience and ability. On your first lesson our trainers will take time to discuss your previous experience and your requirements; whether riding for pleasure or training towards competitions.

As a new rider it is possible to start with private lessons, however as our group lessons are small and we match riders of similar ability you may find the group option less demanding and a more social occasion. You may also find a 45 mins lesson will be quite long enough until your muscles develop, if possible beginners should try to ride at least once a week until you have mastered the basics and toned the muscles used for riding.

During group lessons you will have other riders to consider. You also learn from watching your fellow riders and possibly get things right from their mistakes, individual time spent with each person by the instructor is less than with a private lesson, however on balance if you are a novice or beginner we have found the small group lesson to be more beneficial than individual private lesson, where the expectation and pressure is naturally greater. For regular clients you can purchase a book which contains four booking vouchers ( there are conditions and restrictions ) these vouchers can give up to a 20% reduction on the cost of your lessons, if you only ride on an occasional basis or can only plan your riding at short notice then pay as you go will possible suit you best.

SUMMER EXTRA ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS. Vouchers can be used at there face value rate

Listed below are many activities aimed at adults teenagers and children please ask if you require more detail


Children’s fun days, generally on Wednesdays throughout the holidays, and half terms

10am - 4pm The day includes a riding lesson practical hands on pony care and handling, some mounted games, learning and fun is the theme of the day, everyone goes home with a rosette and the cafe opens at lunchtime or you can bring a packed lunch. as a guide the age range for these days are about 6-12 years. £25.


Own a pony day generally on Tuesdays or Thursdays throughout the holidays.

10am - 4pm  These days are aimed at more experienced riders and as a guide generally aimed at the 12 years and over, you will be allocated a pony for the day and you will look after that pony for the whole day, your tasks could include catching your pony in and letting him out at the end of the day, grooming picking out his feet, cleaning the tack, and putting it on, possibly you may be shown how to bandage, put on rugs etc, in addition you will ride possibly twice. riders do need an assessment by us to ensure they are confidant and competent enough to be safe and gain some benefit from the day. £35

Saturday 9.15am 10am Adult group lesson, ideal for beginners or those looking to gain confidence 45 min lesson £22

Various weekday evenings from 6.15pm or 7.15pmAdult lessons which are tailored to suit various standards. standard charges apply Private lessonsAvailiable throughout the week at off peak times, £32 / 45 MINS or £37 /HOUR. Escourted rides through the countryside.

Available to approved and assessed riders only max of 4 riders per group £25 per hour, subject to weather.


Horse Riding Facilities at Heazle Riding Centre:

At Heazle Arena / Riding Centre and Stables on the Devon Somerset border, just 3 miles from Wellington and 7miles from Taunton. We have an indoor riding arena and an outdoor floodlit riding arena with natural and show jumps. There is a classroom onsite which also has cafe (limited opening) and a viewing gallery for the indoor arena for those who would rather sit outside there is a picnic area, Recent refurbishment allows full access to the tack shop, cafeteria and viewing area for clients in wheelchairs.  Heazle also cater for all types of livery, and hold many competitions throughout the year, we buy and sell horses and ponies as well as sadlery please refer to other pages on the site.


Horses at Heazle Riding Centre:

Heazle Arena / Riding Centre and Stables, are home to about 40 horses and ponies. The dozen that are used in the riding centre have been carefully selected to be safe and sensible and vary in size and shape to suit all needs, however we have a limited number that will carry riders in excess of 13 stones.


Who do Heazle Riding Centre cater for?

We cater for recreational riders both children (6years and over) and adults, on an individual or group lesson basis, we also welcome larger groups eg schools , clubs, on either a regular or one off basis.   For those with own horses  we provide private sessions which will help to cure problems you may be having, or assist in improving the horse and rider to achieve new heights  both on the flat or jumping, if you have a young horse you make want to hire the indoor arena and work on your own or even bring your own trainer.

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